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When I was invited to talk at TEDx about the need for a change in the education system, I took that opportunity to launch an idea that had been in my head for a while: to create a network of volunteers willing to share their passions with children, for free. A way for adults to spread their knowledge and for kids to learn new skills and discover their talents. This is how Teach a Talent was born.

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Today Teach a Talent counts with volunteers from four different continents and the feedback we are having is amazing: kids are enjoying it, parents are grateful, volunteers are proud… I couldn’t be happier about the reception we have had.

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But the real heroes in this project were the first volunteers that joined it. People that said yes to me without a blink when Teach a Talent was just an idea on a piece of paper. People like Patrick Fransen and Javi Lafite.

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Patrick and Javi run one of the most beautiful flower shops in the whole world (yes, it is that nice). Their passion for flowers is incredible and, most of all, it is contagious. Thanks to Teach a Talent they teach kids the name of flowers, how to take care of a plant or how to plant a bulb. My girls love them. Every time we pass by their shop they always want to stop and say hi to them. The feedback I have had from all of the other families that have visited them is amazing.

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If you live in Madrid, go visit them with your children. They are fun, creative and always have a smile in their faces. Your kids will love learning with them. And if you come to visit Madrid take a walk around that area which is one of the most beautiful spots in the city. You’ll love it!

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