Painting the music 1

In my work at Creativity Hospital I go to schools and kids clubs to teach children creativity thinking techniques. We use a huge range of activities and tools to help them have more and better ideas and we teach them how to increase their innate creativity.

Among these techniques one of my favorites is “painting the music”. It is a simple yet effective technique that can be used for many things, including: unwinding (for instance after a long school day), releasing anger or frustration, increasing musical sensitivity (specially with toddlers), counterbalance the “color inside the lines, inside your space” rigidity of school norms…

painting the music 2

Painting the music 3

Just cover a big space with paper, have your kid close his eyes, take one colour in each hand (or, even better, use hand paint), put on some nice music and let the hands do the rest!


Experiment with different types of music and be ready to be amazed at the results.


Some of the mums that follow me on Instagram gave this creative adventure a go and share their pictures with me via the old hashtag #theadventuresarchive Here you have a selection of them:

  • These are Ana's daughters from Split, Croatia.

Let me know if you try this creative adventure!

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