alexia Teach a Talent

One of my dreams with Teach a Talent is to connect children from all over the world. I love that nowadays, thanks to technology, a kid in Europe can spend a bit of time with a kid from Africa. It is a really enriching experience for both of them, one that shortens distances while opening their eyes to different cultures. This experience is now possible thanks to our volunteers Alexia and Eric. They work at Kanhimambo, in Mozambique, giving smiles to the children of Xai Xai. And they would love your kids to spend some time with these children.


Here´s a lovely video that shows you the power of these connections. Look at my daughter´s eyes. You can see her excitement and how much she loves getting to know these wonderful kids. They share songs, talk about birthdays and celebrations and just marvel at how far away yet how similar they all are.


We now have a poster at home with some of these new friends: Ercio, Alberto, Agostinho…and the girls can´t wait to spend a bit of time again with them.

I am so grateful to count with Kanhimambo among Teach a Talent volunteers. It is a wonderful organization that means so much for all the families in Xai-Xai. I hope that you will take a moment to read about them and, hopefully, that you will consider opening this world to your children.

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