My daughter´s dream has always been to be able to fly. No planes, no helicopters, ‘just me flying’ she’d constantly say. That was one of the reasons that made me sign her and her sister up to Circus School.



Climbing, jumping, balancing, bending… at this school each class is different. One day they will focus on equilibrium and learn how to walk and jump on huge balls or on the Rola-Bola, another day it will be about acrobatics, contortions or juggling. Trapeze and aerial fabrics are the only constant. Lots of practice is needed to master the techniques so the kids use them in every class.


Physical training apart, what I love about this course is the fact that it is constantly challenging the girls limits. Circus is hard work and every class is full of what psychologists call “sweet spots”, those times when kids go to the edge of their ability and a little beyond.


We moms know that struggle and failure are precisely when the most learning occurs but it is important to present the challenges in a clever and creative way, otherwise the kid will quit and refuse to try again. The teachers at this school have understood a crucial point: that kids are smart and that you can´t con them. To take on challenges they need to be in control. A good teacher will create the condition for the challenge to happen and then he will step back. And that is exactly what they do here. There is no such a thing as “maybe you can learn this” but “here, do this”-and that attitude is paying.


Week after week the trapezes go higher and the balls faster, I am amazed at how much they have progressed. It is wonderful to see how proud the are of themselves when they come back home every time.


The other day I saw my daughter at the aerial fabric. No hands, no feet, just her body, perfectly stretched, up in the air. ‘Look mom! I´m flying!’ It was a beautiful moment. I had found a way to make her dream come true but she was the one that had taken that opportunity and made good use of it, overcoming limits and fears all the way till she reached her goal. ‘Yes you are, honey!’, I replied. ‘Yes, you are.’




All pictures: Roberto Amorós

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