Today I would like to introduce you to one of my favourite Teach a Talent volunteers in Madrid. Her name is Yuli and she has a tea and spices shop: Spicy Yuli.


Yuli is originally from Andalucia, South Spain, but she spent many years living in London. Her shop is the perfect combination of those two worlds. In there you can find all you need to prepare a perfect English Tea but also lots of different spices to cook perfect Mediterranean recipes.


When I first talked to Yuli about Teach a Talent I wasn´t sure she was going to be able to join. How could her shop be of interest to a child? Well, I was wrong. She found great ways to involve kids in what she does and her warm and lively personality does the rest. To introduce spices and teas she first blindfolds the kids. That way their sense of smell accentuates and they can play “guess what this is”. It is so funny to hear the answers they come up with. When Yuli made my daughter smell spearmint she said “I know what this is. It´s toothpaste!”




To teach how valuable some spices used to be she tells the children the most awesome adventure stories. We learned about pirates fighting for nutmeg and kings keeping spices inside treasure chests.


 They also learned to braid vanilla and were amazed to discover that it is not white but black!



If you live in Madrid go visit Yuli. She is such a friendly and charming person. Your kids will love her and I can assure you that you will also learn something new. She knows lots of interesting stories!


Thanks so much Yuli for sharing your passion in such a creative way. The girls can´t wait to visit you again!


All pictures: Miki Ávila

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