• Yayoi Kusama 1

Last year the artist Yayoi Kusama was shown at the Reina Sofia Museum of Madrid. The exhibition was one of the most successful activities among the families in my city.

Kusama is an excellent option to bring art to children; her use of colour and the playful aspect of her works are loved even by toddlers.

Here is her latest work for you to enjoy with your kids. A completely white room where Kusama asked thousands of children to put thousands of stickers.

The Obliteration Room, like everything else made by this Japanese artist, is simple in its idea and potent in its result. It’s an excuse to talk about minimalism, adult interaction, colour and forms with our little ones. And a dream come true for all those kids who are obsessed with stickers.

Why not try a mini version of this project at home? If you are up for it, send me a picture. I’d love to have a look at our future Kusamas!

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