Put on your pyjamas. Finish your homework. Get out of the bath. Leave your brother alone. Hold the fork correctly. Say thank you to the shopkeeper. Turn the light off. Call when you arrive. Clean up your bedroom. Hang up the phone. Sit up straight.

A mother’s work doesn’t have a schedule. Or a salary. Or holidays. Or insurance. Or a pension. And lately, on top of it all, it’s frowned upon.

The blame goes, in part, to the women in power. What happens when a minister goes back to work just five days after she gives birth? What type of social culture is she promoting and supporting? Aberrations like Rachida Dati, Sheryl Sandberg or Chacón should understand that not all mothers can allow themselves the army of nannies they hire to raise their children. They should understand that in life almost no one can have it ‘all’, the great career and the perfect children. They should give a different type of example. And help the millions of mothers who every day make magic just to be able to work and make ends meet.

People who say that these women are ‘strong and examples to follow for going back to work so soon’, have evidently never had to take care of their children daily. Or be available all their life, without schedules or conditions. That really does call for strength, integrity and dedication. Today I want to be rhetoric, pro-motherhood and anti-modish. Congratulations to all of us mothers. On Sunday, today, tomorrow and in a month. For knowing how to give priority to the best job in the world.

SHARe iT :)