Every child is born with an enormous ability to marvel. For them the world is a constant surprise; a reason for celebration. Too bad that one day, it’s unclear when or why, they grow up and lose that ability. Even Kayden, who is so happy and excited under the rain, will lose it sooner or later. Hopefully watching this video as an adult will help her recreate that feeling and keep afloat the power of amazement.

If we could strengthen that ability so that it always accompanies us, we would have the perfect antidote to moments of boredom, to disappointments and to useless worries that flood our heads. We could make use of it at times when we lose our strength. And we would learn more, because amazement is at the base of humility and humble people never cease to learn.

Today I invite you to grab a blank notebook and title it: “Marvels”. Every now and then, jot down things that surprise and excite your kids, or let them write down everything that fascinates them. It can be a virtual notebook, a section of your blog, or a folder on your laptop where you can include pictures or videos of your children.

The point is to marvel with them and let their amazement be that which helps us to keep learning.

SHARe iT :)