Jane Goodall and girl

Some time ago I wrote about the importance of giving our children real heroes to look up to, specially if we have daughters.

In this post I shared the panel of real heroes that the girls made for our corridor, and I talked about why I think these panels matter. In it you can see that one of my daughter’s heroes is Dr. Jane Goodall. She just adores this incredible woman. She would love to work with animals when she’ll grow up and in Jane Goodall she sees a wonderful example of what a determined woman can achieve. This summer my daughter got to work at our city zoo during a summer camp and her love for the primatologist just got bigger. She spent time in an area that Jane Goodall created there for chimpanzees and studied lots about the amazing work this woman has done for them.

Jane Goodall 1

So when this Halloween she asked me to dress up like Jane Goodall of course I said yes. We asked my friend Miki Ávila to take some pictures and we sent them with a little letter to the Jane Goodall institute. Her dream is that she will write her back. Fingers crossed!

What are your daughter’s heroes? Have they ever met them?

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