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Since I first started blogging the community of mums that joined in the creative adventures has grown a lot.  With each new adventure more and more families from all over the world have joined me to share in the fun. For example, as I’m writing this The WorldWide Tale has just arrived in England from Australia and Al, the travelling puppet, is in South America.

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Spain, Los Angeles, Colombia, Adelaide, Croatia, Ottawa…it doesn’t matter. Even thought we are geographically apart, the bond amongst us mums has become really strong and the connections that this blog has created are simply incredible. We read a mum’s story and we can quickly relate to her, no matter how personal it is. Our daily struggles, our deepest worries, the tiny victories, the dreams we have for our kids…these are all universal. We mums get it, we just know.

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To honour our incredible community a few months ago I launched the Mums’ Diary creative adventure. A diary travelling around the world where we mums can share experiences, leave advice, tell stories, lessons learned…Each mum has a few pages just for her that she can use freely to share what she thinks is best . Even art or pictures, if words are not her thing.

Mums Diary Sparks & Rockets

The diary is travelling the same way the Worldwide Tale does. A mum can keep it for a week max and then she has to mail it to the next one. If you want to join in this creative adventure just email me and I will send you more detailed instructions.

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An African proverb says that it takes a village to raise a child. Let’s build together a book we can all treasure,  filled with experiences, stories, advice and love. When all the pages will be covered I promise to send a copy to every mum that has contributed to it.

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Thanks for joining in!

This week the diary is in:

Pictures by Miki Ávila.

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