eyebombing 1 Sparks & Rockets

When I discovered the eyebombing movement I felt in love immediately. It’s about being creative, having fun and putting a smile into other people’s faces so, what’s not to like? We immediately bought a big packet of goggly eyes and we went eyebombing in Madrid:

We had such a great time. And then, the next day, this video went viral. From Japan’s National TV to Good Morning America or some of our favorite blogs like The Kid should see this, Guy Kawasaki’s Holy Kaw or Laughing Squid. It was incredible!

Want to join the eyebombing movement? Let’s eyebomb the whole world, one city at a time!  Don’t forget to tag your pictures #sparksandrockets  or simply email them to me if you want me to publish them here (you can find lots of pictures on Instagram with the old blog’s hashtag #theadventuresarchive )

eyebombing 2 Sparks & Rockets

Have fun!

eyebombing 4 Sparks & Rockets

eyebombing 5 Sparks & Rockets


SHARe iT :)