wordwide tale 1 Sparks & Rockets

A couple of years ago we decided to start a creative adventure called The WorldWide Tale. We bought a big notebook and my daughter Olivia wrote the beginning of a tale on its first page:

worldwide tale 4 Sparks & Rockets

Then we asked families around the world if they wanted to continue the story. We had such a wonderful response! These were the first families that joined in this project:

The first kid that joined in was Oliver, from Canada. Olivia was so excited to post him the book:

worldwide tale 4 Sparks & Rockets

worldwide tale 6 Sparks & Rockets

worldwide tale 7S Sparks & Rockets

He continued the story and then mailed the book to the next family.

oliver Worldwide tale

olie post office Worldwide Tale

Since that day the WorldWide Tale has been traveling around the world. Each kid has a page to write a bit about himself (where he lives, favourite food and things like these) and another page where he can continue the story and draw a little illustration. It doesn’t matter if your child still doesn’t know how to write. He can dictate the story to you and just do the drawing part.

We are dying to read the rest of the tale! We haven’t seen the book for two years and all the other mums tell me that the story is just unbelievable. What would it be about? Curiosity is just killing us.

worldwide tale 3 Sparks & Rockets

We will continue passing it from family to family until all the pages are filled. So if you want to join just email me your address and I will send you the book together with the address of the next child that wants to participate. As usual, once the book is finished I promise to send a copy to every child that wrote in it.


SHARe iT :)