Sparks & Rockets creative adventure

This creative adventure was born two years ago,  while looking with my girls at a wonderful project called Toy Stories by Gabriele Galimberti. Gabriele travelled all around the world taking pictures to children with their favorite toys. This project gave us the opportunity to talk about lots of interesting concepts like culture, globalization (the girls were amazed that so many children had their same toys), the importance of sharing, scarcity and abundance. Most importantly, this project opened my girls’ eyes to the fact that they have too many toys. We talked about it and they decided to donate some and to share one of their favorites: Al.

Al 1 Sparks & Rockets

Meet Al. Part bunny, part angel, part superhero. Such a cute character! Al started traveling around the world two years ago, spending one week with each family, and the amount of places he has already visited is just incredible. From skying in Canada to fishing in the Pacific NorthWest, swimming in L.A., exploring Australia or visiting South Africa… Al is having the time of his life. Let me tell you, I am quite jealous!

Oliver Al Sparks & Rockets

Arlo Al Sparks & Rockets

So many children are already fond of this little bunny. Maybe your school has a similar tradition, a teddy that spends each weekend with a family. We think that this adventure is even more interesting, because it is an international experience. Children are enjoying looking at Al’s pictures in so many different settings. It is a fun way to teach them about other cultures, languages and traditions.

Oliver Al S&R


If your children want to meet Al all you have to do is donate one of your toys and in exchange Al will come visit you for a week. He comes with  his own toothbrush and his favorite little book that you’ll have to read him at night. I’m sure you’ll love him! Drop me a comment below or send me an email and I’ll write you back with all the details.

Al 3 Sparks & Rockets


Al 4

Al 2


SHARe iT :)