Snack Project 1 Sparks & Rockets

This creative adventure is about spending two minutes doing a simple thing that will put a smile on your kid’s face every morning.

Going back to school after the Christmas holidays wasn’t easy for the girls. Too many days without homework or schedules made it difficult for them to get into the school routine. So, inspired by projects as beautiful as this one or incredibly moving like this other, I have started doing little doodles on the girls snack bags.

Snack Project 2 Sparks & Rockets

Inside my eldest bags I doodle positive messages. Things like “together is better” “give someone a hug today” or “you are strong”. For my youngest are simple words in English so she can challenge her reading. Fun random words like: “owl”, “ squirrel”, “rabbit” or “lemon”.

Snack Project 3 Sparks & Rockets

I also started a series called “Did you know?” where I doodle fun facts that spark their curiosity.

Snack Project 4 Sparks & Rockets

I close the bags so they can’t see the doodles until snack time. They told me that now many kids come at recreation to see what the daily doodle looks like. I’m having so much fun with this and it is fantastic to see that they are all enjoying it too.

Snack Project 5 Sparks & Rockets

Do you have any other ideas to add a smile on your children school days? Drop me a comment, I’d love to hear them!

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