Treasure Hunt 1 Sparks & Rockets

Olivia is a big treasure hunt fan. So this year, for her 7th birthday, I decided to organize a very special one, involving the entire neighborhood.

Treasure Hunt 2 Sparks & Rockets

There was a card waiting for her at home. “Look for 7 clues and you will find your birthday present”.

She studied the clue and guessed it fast: the first card had to be at La mar de Letras, our local children´s bookshop. She run there and found the owner, our friend Clara, waiting for her with the next card.

Treasure Hunt 3 Sparks & Rockets

Treasure Hunt 4 Sparks & Rockets

We love Clara, she is an amazing storyteller and she always recommends Olivia the best books

Treasure Hunt 5 Sparks & Rockets

Reading the first clue was fun!

Treasure Hunt 6 Sparks & Rockets

It led her to Acaramelada, a lovely pastry and cookery school.

Treasure Hunt 7 Sparks & Rockets

Olivia loves this place too. The owner, María José, is a wonderful mom and Teach a Talent volunteer that is always happy to teach her how to make cookies or cupcakes.

Treasure Hunt 8 Sparks & Rockets

Treasure Hunt 9 Sparks & Rockets

They had hidden the next card inside an old scale so she needed extra help.

Treasure Hunt 10 Sparks & Rockets

The card came with a delicious cookie!

Treasure Hunt 11 Sparks & Rockets

The next stop was easy. Her favourite shop in the whole city!

Treasure Hunt 12

This shop sells the most beautiful things. Old toys, antiques, vintage parafernalia…we just love it there.

Treasure Hunt 13 Sparks & Rockets

The owners had hidden the car inside a “pirate trunk” so she was really excited.

Treasure Hunt 14 Sparks & Rockets

Treasure Hunt 15 Sparks & Rockets

This clue was a bit more tricky for her, but she finally got it. The next card was waiting for her at her favourite restaurant.

Treasure Hunt 16 Sparks & Rockets

Treasure Hunt 17 Sparks & Rockets

Waiters were already expecting her and cheered her arrival.

Treasure Hunt 18 Sparks & Rockets

Treasure Hunt 19 Sparks & Rockets

The next card was inside:

Treasure Hunt 20 Sparks & Rockets

Treasure Hunt 21 Sparks & Rockets

If there is a place she loves in our neighbourhood that’s our local library. She spends hours there reading and checking out books. So obviously I had to hide a clue there too:

Treasure Hunt 22 Sparks & Rockets

Treasure Hunt 23 Sparks & Rockets

The ladies there were so kind to her. They had hidden the card at the check out counter.

Treasure Hunt 24 Sparks & Rockets

The next clue led her to our building because our doorman wanted to be involved too. He loves Olivia and was excited to hide the next card in the garden. She found it next to Negrita’s house (the garden cat).

Treasure Hunt 25 Sparks & Rockets

Treasure Hunt 26 Sparks & Rockets

Treasure Hunt 27 Sparks & Rockets

She eagerly read the clue that was going to lead her to the last card, the one with the present:

Sparks & Rockets 28 Treasure Hunt

The present had to be at Delic, our local coffee bar. We go there almost everyday and the staff is like family to us.

But first an important stop. She wanted to tell all about the hunt to Maria:

Treasure Hunt 29 Sparks & Rockets

Maria is a very old lady that is unfortunately unable to leave her house. The girls visit her window often and she is always looking forward to listening to their stories.

Treasure Hunt 30 Sparks & Rockets

Card number seven came with the present:

Treasure Hunt 31 Sparks & Rockets

Treasure Hunt 32 Sparks & Rockets

Treasure Hunt 33 Sparks & Rockets

She got the skates she wanted, so she was really over the moon.

Treasure Hunt 34 Sparks & Rockets

It was a lovely afternoon. I am grateful beyond words to all the neighbours, for being always so nice to me and the girls and for giving her this wonderful memory . And I have to say that I couldn’t be more proud of Matilde, who was so supportive and happy for her sister.

Treasure Hunt 35 Sparks & Rockets

All pics by Miki Avila Thanks Miki!

SHARe iT :)