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“We used to wait for it”, sings Arcade Fire, “now our lifes are changing fast”. For our kids generation there is no waiting anymore; things just “happen”. Everything is ready, all comes to life with just a click of a button. Food magically appears inside the fridge and they probably think that clothes grow on hangers.

However it’s crucial to teach them to value the process that goes into making everything. It means teaching them patience, perseverance and the importance of cycles. If they don’t understand these concepts they can grow up to become adults that get easily frustrated when they don’t get immediate results or the type of person that gives up if the goal they are aiming for requires phases more difficult or less engaging.

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Understanding the concept of “process” is difficult for children because they don’t get to “see” it anymore. Elder generations were in contact with agriculture and trades and could easily understand that everything had a beginning, a process divided in phases and an end result. Nowadays, urban kids can’t appreciate the effort that goes into growing a carrot or the time that it’s needed to make a pullover.

Thanks to Teach a Talent children can get in contact with a variety of artisans and makers to experience first hand the work that is hidden behind daily things. We want them to learn to value everything that surrounds them and, why not, have fun at the same time.

To help me teach this concept to the girls today we met Susana, the mum behind the fashion brand Perfect Days. Susana makes beautiful clothes for kids and came to teach the girls the different stages that are needed to create an outfit.

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The girls tried a bit of knitting, they got to do stamping on fabrics and they learnt how patterns are made. Susana’s passion shows in all she does and it was wonderful to see all the hard work that’s hidden behind her creations. The girls had a wonderful morning.

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So my invitation for you today would be to take your kids to see some creative processes. Go find an artisan in your area, connect with a Teach a Talent volunteer (remember that even if there is no one in your city you can always get in touch online with the Long Distance volunteers) or, if you are lucky enough to have some green space available, plant something today. Let’s help our children to value hard work and, as the Arcade Fire song goes, “hope that something pure can last”.

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All clothes by Perfect Days. Susana made a donation to Teach a Talent to be featured in this post. For inquiries please contact me.

All pictures by Miki Ávila.

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