luciano cabro Sparks & Rockets

For the series “things for grown ups that kids love” today I wanted to share with you two artists that I love and that are now also among the girls’ favorites:  Luciano Fabro y Fuentes Fuertes.

Luciano F Sparks & Rockets

I fell in love with Luciano Fabro many years ago, when I was a student in Milan. Arte Povera fascinates me and Fabro is the representative of this movement that I prefer. So when I learned that there was an exhibition in Madrid I was so happy, I really wanted to share this passion with the girls.

luciano Sparks & Rockets

If I want to understand whether the girls are enjoying a particular artist I pay attention to their attitude while we walk along the exhibition. If they look shy, stiff and walk around carefully, if they don’t ask many questions…that for me is a sign that it may be too soon to introduce that stimulus. However, if they seem “at ease” and behave as if they were at home I take it as a sign that the artist talks their language too.

Luciano Fabro Sparks & Rockets dancing

Arte povera uses everyday objects so it is perfect to teach children that everything can be art. Suddenly all around us has potential, from a piece of wood to the spaghetti that Fabro uses, and that opens a thousand posibilities inside our kids’ minds. What’s more, while looking at Fabro’s masterpieces we can talk with them about some basics of creative thinking:

-There are many approaches to things:

luciano Sparks & Rockets

-If you change the form you will change the message:


-Things aren’t always what they seem:

luciano Sparks and Rockets


Another artist that invites us to find the beauty in everyday objects is  Rubén Fuentes Fuertes. He is the perfect stimulus for children because he focuses on the funny side of things and reminds us that we should take play seriously. Fuentes Fuertes’s world is made of matrioshkas, rockets and mechanic toys. No doubt children love him!

Fuentes Fuertes 1

fuentes fuertes Sparks & Rockets

Fuentes Sparks & Rockets

Fuentes Fuertes 3 Sparks & Rockets

Fuentes Fuertes Sparks & Rockets cuerda

What about you? Which things for grown ups have you recently use to stimulate your kids?

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