Talking with kids Sparks & Rockets

Engaging our childen in meaninful conversations is very powerful. When we talk with them about things that matter we help them explain the world, express their feelings and solve inner and outer conflicts. Unfortunately, this doesn’t always come easy. Some days homework, activities and chores just don’t leave us enough time to sit and talk properly to them. And the day you finally find the time your boy may stubbornly give you monosyllabic answers.

Here you have a tool that can help with this. If you can’t understand Spanish you can read how it works below:

We use a marmelade jar and wood sticks that our pediatrician gave me, but you could  use also cardboard strips. In each stick we wrote an interesting question. We take turns, grab one stick and answer the question. Sometimes we use the jar at dinner time. Other times we use them at bedtime.

Here you have a few of my favourite questions:

Who had a bad day at school today?” “How can you help?” Talking about that classmate that is sick or the one that fell during gym class is a great way to develop their empathy.

What question did you ask today?” When Isidor Rabi was awarded the Nobel Prize in physics he dedicated it to his mother, who would always ask him this question after school. He say that was key to develop his scientific mind.

What mistake did you make today?” Talking about mistakes help children accept them as natural happenings that enrich our lives.

What solutions did you find?” or “What would you change about this today?” are great questions to develop their creative thinking.

What’s interesting of the things you didn’t like today? ” A great question to look at bad things from a different perspective.

What did you improve today?” Gives them the oportunity to share with us their progress and increase their confidence.

What are you grateful for?” Our children are so privileged and they should never go to bed without giving thanks for all they have.

What about you? Do you find it hard to engage your kids in meaninful conversations? Which questions would you add to this list? Do you use other tools?  Don’t forget to share your thoughts below, I’d love to read them!

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