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A few days ago we visited the exhibition WATCH ME MOVE and we loved it. It is a journey through the history of animation and it is perfect for kids (although there is a room with adult only content)

You will find movies as famous as The Incredibles, Popeye, The Simpson or The Lord of the Rings, but also many others that are older and less well known.

Los Increíbles Sparks & Rockets

For those of you unable to come to Madrid, or for those looking for great material to stimulate your child’s creativity here you have a selection with the most interesting ones:

For instance, did you know that Fantasmagorie was the very first animated cartoon?

And that Tale of Tales has been called the greatest animated film ever?

If, like me, you don’t undestand its meaning the wonderful AS Byatt explains it here (my girls enjoyed it anyway ;))

These were the cartoons that inspired Walt Disney:

And this one, made by Disney, is the first to use non-post-sync music:

What I love the most of this exhibition is that it gave me the opportunity to talk again with the girls about how important is to enjoy the process and not only the result.  We talked about  Zbig Rybczynski ‘s patience to make Tango, Academy award for best animated short film in 1982. Seven months, 17 hours a day, and a never ending process:

Or about our favourite technique, stop motion. Here you have Norman McLaren’s wonderful Neighbours (Academy Award 1952):

For the last couple of years we have enjoyed learning about stop motion at home. We are super fans of these two Youtube channels:  Morph (a character made by studio Aardman, of Wallace and Gromit and Shaun) and the amazing PES

Here you have two examples:

If you want to try this technique with your kids you just need patience and a camera or an iphone. You can also use one of the many apps about it. My recomentation is that you start with Easy Studio and Daisy the Dino, we love them both.

For kids 9 years onwards I love this kit.

I hope you’ll enjoy this brief journey with your children. It’s just a start, continue researching with them and you’ll find lots of wonders.

Sparks & Rockets animation

Sparks & Rockets

SHARe iT :)