Dressing up is by far our favourite pastime. We have tones of costumes and we really enjoy being someone different every day.

People ask me “Why do you like costumes so much?” all the time. Of course I love costumes because they help developing our kids’ creativity and imagination but there are more reasons. I share them in this video:

(If you don’t understand Spanish you can read them below)

 -Empathy and cooperation: Dress up play is a wonderful opportunity to see things from different perspectives and to teach kids to put themselves in other people’s shoes. For instance: what happens if I am an astronaut and my sister is the martian but we can’t communicate with each other? What if I am the patient and the doctor is rude with me? How am I going to feel?

 -Problem solving: Suppose your child chooses an astronaut’s costume. He’s going to need a space ship, a helmet… step by step children start looking at everyday objects as possibilities and their self-confidence grow as they find solutions to the dress up challenges.

-Emotional intelligence: the costume creates a safe space for children to explore all kind of emotions, even negative ones (for example, a pirate dress can be perfect to explore anger).

-Vocabulary: each new world comes with its own vocabulary. If  your child wants to dress up as a cook, for instance, he’s going to need words like skimmer or sauté. Dress up play is a fun way to learn new words.

In this Pinterest board you have more than 100 of our costumes.

And in this video you have a few of them:

 Does your child enjoy dressing up? Which is his favourite costume? I’d love to see your costumes and read your opinions!



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