Today I wanted to share with you one of my favourite tools. It’s easy and fun for both kids and adults and you can use it to develop creativity, storytelling, language or maths skills.

(If you don’t understand Spanish I explain it below)

You may know this Story Cubes. They are quite popular at the moment and we play with them lots. My girls love creating stories and mixing them all.


Inspired by them I decided to buy a couple of Rubik’s Cubes at a pound shop and  personalize them:



There are so many things you can do with these.

If you write a different word on each square you can invent endless stories with the words that you find on each face (or on each colour). If your children are learning a new language they can use it to practice vocabulary. You could ask them to distinguish in between verbs and nouns. You can write things they can find around your city (a traffic light, a hotel, a taxi…) or during your holidays (a particular museum, a monument, a park…) and see who finds and entire face of things first or how long does it take you to find them all. The possibilities are endless.

With the dice full of numbers you can practice maths (ask your kid to add or substract the numbers he gets on a face or a line) , you can play bingo (each member of a family gets the numbers of a face), teach your children about odd and even numbers…

And what happens if you don’t have a Rubik Cube?

You can use 4 normal dice to play this game:

-Write six characters, one for each number (a pirate, a robot, a princess, the members of your family…)

-Write six locations (a beach, a forest, granny’s house, a castle…)

-Write six main emotions or themes (happiness, somebody finds a treasure, somebody gets lost, somebody gets angry…)

Roll three dices and you’ll have your protagonist, your location and the main theme.

Finally, roll the fourth dice to decide what to do with them:

1: Tell a story

2:Write a story

3: Create a song or a dance

4: Take pictures and create a mini album (using toys, drawings…)

5: Write and perform a theatre play

6: Make a drawing about the story

I hope you enjoy these games. Let me know if you think of other uses for these dice!


SHARe iT :)