(If you don’t understand Spanish, here you have the transcription):

This video is dedicated to you, a person with children and also a passion and a talent that goes beyond your “real job”. Maybe you write, or you paint, or recite or sew…

It’s dedicated to you, who hasn’t cultivated that talent in years because you arrive from work and feel like all your time should be dedicated to your children.

Parents, mostly mothers, live in a perennial feeling of guilt. The idea of taking time from our kids to dedicate it to our own passions makes us feel bad, as if we were “stealing something that was theirs”.

Let me ask you something: you spend the day nourishing your family (of food, love, time and attention…) but, who nurtures you?

If you spend the day giving, there will come a time when you cannot give anymore because you won’t know who you are. And if you don’t  know who you are you won’t know what you possess. Enriching yourself will fill you with things. So many things that you’ll be able to give some of them away. In an arid and poor interior there is no harvest to share.

That is why giving yourself priority and finding “me” time is not, as society wants us to believe, a selfish act. It is, on the contrary, the most generous thing you can do for your children.

Every time you tell your kids “I can’t play now, I am writing, painting, sewing…” you are giving them the opportunity:

– to practice their detachment

– to find their way around it or get bored, fomenting their creativity and imagination

– And, above all, you will be teaching them that talents deserve time; that taking a passion seriously is key to being happy.

It is good for you. It is good for them.

That voice that says “go on, start drawing again, writing…”, that voice will not fall silent. Today it may probably be just a whisper, but a day will come when it will start yelling at you until you act upon it.

And a last reflection: What if your child is a creative genius? What if he has a huge talent? It could be kept hidden forever because at home he learns to “not allow himself”. He may follow your example when he grows up and decide that his passion “is not something worthwhile”. Wouldn’t it be a shame if the world lost his talent? Maybe now, hopefully now, you can go and write or draw or whatever it is that makes you happy without feeling selfish.



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