Last week we talked about the importance of continuing to cultivate your own talent after motherhood. Today I bring two great examples of creative mothers for you to discover with your children. Both do not conceive their talent separated from their motherhood and their works reflect the role their children have in their lives.

 Rania Matar

 This Lebanese woman started working in an architectural firm. After having children (she has four) she decided to study photography. She wanted to remember the moments she spent with them. What started off as a hobby soon became a passion and Rania ended up giving a twist to her career.

Rania does not conceive her art without her children. “Every time I live an emotional situation with them, an important step, I try to reflect it in my pictures. My children give meaning to my talent”

For instant, her project Unspoken Conversation shows the complicated mother-daughter relationship. It is the perfect project to share with your teenage daughter. You can talk with her about motherhood, age, beauty and time  while reflecting on these pictures:

raniamatar1 raniamatar2


This other project speaks instead of the inner world that is hidden in our kids’ bedrooms. Have a look at these pictures with your daughter and try to engage her in a conversation about her own room. What is it that makes her room “hers”? Does she have too many things? What single thing would she take with her in case of emergency?

raniamatar4 raniamatar5


Tara Donovan

Tara Donovan’s work (so impressive it earned her a grant at the McArthur Foundation), also benefitted from motherhood. This mother of twins uses everyday objects for her enormous sculptures. Seeing how her children interact with these objects is her greatest source of inspiration. Tara only works strictly until 5:00pm. She maintains that she needs to enjoy her children every single day to keep inspired.

In Tara’s world mountains are made of buttons:


Continents are made of pencils:


taradonovan4And clouds are made of plastic cups:


Many have compared Tara Donovan’s minimalism with that of Carl Andre, another great artist whose work you can enjoy these days at the Retiro Park of Madrid. Take your children. The almost naïve view of space of this minimalist artist and the opportunity spectators get to add their own story to each piece is something that fascinates little ones.




I’m sure you too are more creative since you’ve had children. Isn’t that story you made up the other day so your boy would finish his veggies creative? Or the scheme you created so that everyone in the family gets a house chore? Or that hairstyle you did to your daughter on Saturday?

Now what’s left is for you to apply that creativity to your true passion. What are you waiting for?

SHARe iT :)