Making book lists is never easy. We read lots at home so our top favorite list is always changing. Nevertheless I wanted to share with you some of the titles I’ve enjoyed most this year. Christmas is coming and books are always the best present, so I thought we could exchange some ideas.

My girls have also joined me in this video so if you are looking for children’s books you’ll love their recommendations:

What about you? Which books did you enjoy most this year? Don’t forget to share them below so I can add them to our Christmas list.


This video was produced with  MOOIesBONITO ‘s help. It is a spanish brand that strives to give a new life to classic children’s stories. They produce vinyls, posters and lovely cushions like the Snow white and the 7 dwarfs one that you can see in the video. I love this idea because it allows children to really play with the story. They can change the end, make theatre plays, identify with the characters…definitely a great way to enjoy classic story books

SHARe iT :)