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To tell you the truth, I don’t dream about my girls having a super career or them becoming who knows what.

All I care about is that they learn to live like adventurers.

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Living like an adventurer means getting up every day with the excitement of a new trip. It’s about enjoying the process, exceeding yourself with every step.

To consider life as an adventure is to accept, (and even expect), that there will be moments that are not perfect, unexpected events. It means tackling problems with curiosity and courage, and burying preconceptions and old schemes.

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Living like an adventurer means living in a perennial state of marvel. It’s about not ever losing enthusiasm for detail or fascination for simple things.

Adventurers are lucky to see the world they live in like a place full of questions to answer, mysteries, and feasible approaches. They appreciate everything because for them nothing is certain and everything is a gift.

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During the years I worked as a publicist I was lucky to meet an incredible person: Mike Horn. He is, truly, the greatest living adventurer. Listening to his philosophy of life, learning from his life experiences and his passion and recently reading his books during a tough period, have marked me a great deal.

“The road will be as smooth as you want it to be”, says Horn. Endowing my daughters with this spirit; instilling such defiant attitude. There is nothing more important to me.

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If you want something similar for your kids, I propose this activity: search your family tree for an explorer or an adventurer. You don’t need someone that has climbed the Everest: launching into the unknown could have meant choosing a new career far from family traditions, or establishing roots in an unknown country or respecting his individuality … Find the person who stood out. Search for a photo or an object that reminds you of him or her. This year allow that person, whose blood you carry, to be your guide.

If you don’t find that someone, be inspired by the great Mike Horn. Let his life story push you to explore without fear, to meet that goal which has filled your mind for so long.

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This is my dream. That when the time comes, my daughters will know to stop dreaming and start planning. And will understand that, without a doubt, the largest risk is doing nothing at all.

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 All pics: Miki Avila

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