In a recent interview the amazing David Zinn said that when he had just begun chalk painting the streets he used to start with a fixed idea in his mind: “let’s see if I can find something similar to a mouse trap or a gnome hat...”. Later, he learned that a it was way better to just wander around until something caught his attention: “that looks like a pool“.

David Zinn 2

I find this is the perfect approach to creativity, great both for grown up projects, (any work improves when we open ourselves to new possibilities instead of becoming fixated on one idea), and for children. It’s one thing to ask a child to draw a mouse and another to give him a piece of paper with a scribble and ask him to finish it. “What could this line be?” “What do you see here?” This exercise helps them develop their creative thinking (and the results are so much fun!)

David-Zinn 1

Enjoy David Zinn’s art with your children and afterwards take them for a walk around your neighbourhood. Bring a box of chalks and look around: What could that hole on the wall be? Or that crack on the sidewalk?

David Zinn 3

Victor Nunes is perfect for rainy days. He is a master of pareidolia, a technique that consists in adding drawins to little objects (you can find more about this technique in my book):

victor nunes 1

This is the perfect indoors activity for exploring creativity with kids. With this technique children learn that the same thing can be seen from many different perspectives. A crucial concept that we should constantly stress at home, giving that school instills in them the contrary, a “one problem=one right solution” approach.

victor nunes 2

If you enjoy pareidolia another artist you will love is Javier Pérez:

javier perez

If you have pets let Rafael Mantesso‘s creativity inspire your children. They can add texts or drawings to the pictures of their little companion (they can use apps like Over or A Beautiful Mess ).

rafael mantess

For older kids (probably 8 onwards) I recommend Marty Cooper‘s account. His animation technique is simple and they can try to imitate it quite easily. Look at his videos and talk with them about angles, shots and perspectives. His work is also perfect for talking with children about the effort that goes into apparently simple projects.

Marty Cooper 1

Another animation genius is Zach King. You probably know him already but I wanted to have him on this list because his is my girls’ favourite Instagram account.

zach king

Another favourite at home is Andrew Knapp ‘s account. He is Find Momo‘s author (a fantastic book that keeps children entertained for hours).

Andrew Knapp

If you want to explore creativity with food then Ida Frosk is the perfect inspiration:

ida-frosk 1

Do you know the sweetest granny in the internet? Grandma Betty has already left us, but she will still make your children smile. Simply adorable.


Finally, an account that you will all enjoy: Calico’s adventures. Everybody needs this in their life, am I right?






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