Our #SuperReto in favour of Rafiki Bora continues this week. I’m so glad to see that so many of you have joined! German, ukelele, origami, photography, pilates, skating…this summer lots of mums will be having fun while giving a great example to their kids. I think it’s fantastic, don’t you?

When Pablo Carbonell decided to join our #SuperReto I was thrilled. Who wouldn’t want to learn stand up comedy with such a fun guy? Also, Pablo and his wife are two devoted parents and two lovely persons so I’m extremely happy to have them among our Rafiki Bora‘s friends.

Here you have my first (disastrous ;)) steps on the stand up comedy world:

What about you? What are you going to learn this summer? Have your 90 #SuperReto days started yet? Let me know how you are doing as I love to support you! And if you want the perfect symbol to the compromise you’ve taken with yourself #Super Reto bracelets are still available in  La Mar de Letras and in La Libraire (all profits go to Rafiki Bora)

SHARe iT :)