Summer is for playing, enjoying and just doing nothing at all.

However, some of you have written this week because your schools have recommended your kids to review one or more subjects during the summer.

What should you do in this case?

I really dislike those horrid summer books. I think they are boring and too similar to the months they have just spent at school. Maybe now it’s the time to look for ideas that can help them learning by playing. If they can make a link in their heads that connects learning with fun they may go back to school in September willing to learn some more.

We recorded today’s video a while ago. It was supposed to go up in a few weeks, at the beginning of next school year. But I think it’s also perfect if you need a summer review. As you’ll see it’s a game your kids can play alone or with their friends. I hope you find it useful!

What about your kids? Do they need to review any subjetct? How are they going to do it? Let me know below, I’m sure we’ll all find your ideas most interesting!


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