Time to continue with our summer #SuperReto

Without a doubt the most popular #SuperReto has been photography. So many mothers have decided that they will finally try the manual option on their cameras, or that they will spend the holidays taking more creative pictures.

So I’m super happy to have with me this week the wonderful Joan Vendrell. His YouTube channel is an awesome tool if you want to learn all about photography so if you don’t know it yet, you’re missing out! His videos make anything photography related seem really easy. And now, thanks to the #SuperReto I’ve also discovered Joan’s generous side. As soon as I talked to him about Rafiki Bora he was willing to help, he is such a great guy.

Here you have our walk around my neighbourhood and what he taught me about photography. I’ve learned so much with him, hope you’ll learn lots too!

What about you? How’s your  #SuperReto going? What are you going to do these 90 days? Let me know all about it below!

SHARe iT :)