We are still enjoying the  #SuperReto  iniciative to help our friends at Rafiki Bora and this week I was lucky to count with the support of lovely Gema from El Tarro de Ideas.

Gema is such a fun and creative mom. We love all of her books at home and her page is loaded with easy creative projects for kids all ages.

I am not a crafty person. Want an idea? I’m good with that. But don’t tell me to cut straight a piece of paper or to glue something neatly because I most probably will make a mess. So as you can imagine I was more than happy to learn from Gema and even more when she told me that we were going to make some toys!

I hope you enjoy the video and that you’ll try to make the same toy with your kids. So easy and so much fun!

Thanks so much Gema. It was such a pleasure to visit your cute studio and being able to spend some time with you.

How is your #SuperReto going? Are you improving? Don’t forget that if you want to wear a Rafiki Bora bracelet to remember the deal you made with yourself there are still a few in La Mar de letras or at La Libraire

SHARe iT :)