Last week I gave a talk in one of Ikea‘s stores here in Madrid to support their new campaign: “Less homework, more family dinners”.

Ikea deberes

I like the way this campaign approaches the current homework controversy: our children have to many homework? Let’s find fun, creative ways of getting them done while we all have dinner together.

If you still haven’t watched the add, here it is:

During last week’s workshop we talked about autonomy, how school evenings never seem to have enough hours, the importance of choosing spontaneity and fun over perfection…It was a long, full morning and I had so much fun!

In today’s video you’ll find the most practical part of the workshop. Ideas, games and tools to get homework done while you cook with your kids or while you all have dinner together. I hope you’ll find it useful:

What about your family? What are your views on homework? Do your kids have too much, too little…? Don’t forget to leave your comments below and subscribe to the YouTube channel so you won’t miss any video.

Thanks so much to everybody at Ikea for being so nice to me!

SHARe iT :)