Books were a fundamental part of my childhood. I grew up surrounded by them and my first readings shaped my personality.

I was one of those girls that could disappear for hours inside a book. I loved hiding under a huge table with a snack in one hand and a book in the other and I spent endless nights with a flashlight under the covers devouring Puck books or Enid Blyton adventures.

One of my girls has inherited my passion and she is an avid reader too. The other one? Not so much. While I respect that she has different interests I still try ideas and tools for encouraging her to read more, hoping that one day she’ll discover how wonderful it is to lose oneself inside a good book.

These are some of them:

What about your children? Are they reluctant readers? Or is reading one of their main passions? What tools do you use for helping them fall in love Don’t forget to share the below, I’d love to try them!


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