I’ve got big news today: my new book, Te mereces esto y más, will be released on April 27 .

I’ve put a lot of love and work in this book. It is dedicated to every woman, (moms especially) that need to recover their own identity.  If you have ever felt lost in the past, if you feel that in between your job, the kids and the house you just don’t know who you are anymore, then this book is for you.

Te mereces esto y más combines inspiration with practical tools. It includes lists with books, links to talks and webs…it is a long journey conceived to take you nine months, the time that is needed to grow a new seed inside you and share it with the world. By the time you’ll finish the book you’ll have all the necessary to rediscover your talent, analyse your priorities and fight for your idea.

In today’s video I share the reason why I felt the need to write this book. I also share what you need to do to get a free copy and what can you do to participate in it with your ideas and your experience. You’ll also find some of the book signing dates, I look forward to meeting you in your city:

My hope is that this book will help you fall in love again with your instinct and rediscover all the talents and inspiration that are now hidden inside you. Can’t wait to read your thoughts about it!

Special thanks to all the Planeta team. 

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