Have you ever observed your baby while he was learning to crawl? Remember that day your child came up with the most amazing idea? Then you probably know that all kids are born creative genius. However, how many adults declare themselves to be creative? At what point do we lose our inventive and the willingness to explore? 

Our society needs new solutions and good ideas. It is crucial that we help our children maintain their creative skills. So let’s talk creativity!

This workshop lasts two and a half hours. We will cover:

-Why creativity thinking is different from imagination or creativity.

-Why nurturing creativity thinking in children is so important.

-10 keys to developing creative thinking at home.

-Tools, ideas and toys that will stimulate your child’s creativity.

Last 45 minutes will be dedicated to answer all your doubts and questions. It will be a great opportunity to listen and learn from other parents’ experience.


SHARe iT :)