You’ve been pondering it for so long. It’s like having a stone inside your shoe, you can feel it with each step and refusing to do anything about it only hurts you more and more.

Ignoring your dream won’t make it disappear. The real challenge is to find a journey that is worthy of your time, your energies and your passion. If you have found it putting that vocation into practice is not a luxury or a possibility: it is your duty.

Together we’ll kick away your fears, your embarrassment, your “what would others think”. We’ll divide that big dream into manageable steps, work on what’s stopping you and beat the procrastination bug.

We’ll do it in cycles of four sessions (often a cycle is enough to put you back on track). We’ll work via Skype so you can talk with me from wherever you feel most comfortable.

If you think this is the program for you, drop me a line to arrange a call. This first session is free and without any obligation at all. I just want to understand if this is really the program for you and this extra session will help us organise the following four better.

I’m really looking forward to receiving your email

SHARe iT :)