It feels as if somebody has switched on the autopilot. Days pass by, hours fly by with you barely having an idea how it happened. You are bored, demotivated and in need of ideas now.

With this program what I want to do is to shake you, to wake you up and to put the word enthusiasm back in your life. This is also the perfect program if you need constant ideas (for your blog, for work…) and you simply want to push your creativity a bit further.

Creativity doesn’t just depend on talent and it’s not a gene exclusive to others. It is an attitude. And I promise you, with this program your attitude will change. Among many surprises and creative challenges  you’ll regain your creative spark.

If you sign for this programme you’ll receive a form to fill in. It will help me understand where you are at the moment, what inspires you and what doesn’t and where do you want to go. Then I’ll carefully choose the best stimuli for you and you’ll recieve a daily email for 20 days, each one with a stimulus, an idea or a creative challenge.

Is this the programme for you? I am really looking forward to receiving your email

SHARe iT :)