Each family, and each child, is different. That’s why no two Family Time sessions are the same.

Sometimes you need certain techniques to communicate better with your child or uncover his talent, maybe you want to maximize his creativity or need help in motivating him.

Other times you need a creative idea to solve a specific problem (tantrums, jealousy, apathy…) or to establish a routine that works for all the family.

And, most of the times, everything is just fine, but you feel the need to work deeper on your family. What kind of mother do you want to be? What values do you want to instill in your child? What vision do you have for your kid’s future? What stages are you scared of? How can you improve your time with them so it really is quality time?

In any case it all starts with a Skype session (free and without any obligation at all). In there we’ll talk about your situation and we’ll decide on a plan together.

The time we’ll work together can vary. With some families a couple of Skype sessions are enough. Other times I’d need to spend a bit of time with your child to understand better the dynamics of the family and work will take longer.

Sparks & Rockets is no Super Nanny. You won’t find boards with starts, naughty corners or magic tools that work for all. I am not a psychologist either, and sometimes I won’t be able to help. We’ll use creativity, listening skills, intrinsic motivation, learning through play. And laughter, lots of laughter.

Let’s talk family over a Skype coffee. It would make me so happy to be able to help you!

SHARe iT :)