We all go through periods in our lives where we lose sense of who we really are. A job we don’t exactly identify with, an endless to-do list that doesn’t leave us time to think, the imbalance that sometimes comes with maternity, with a loss in the family or a break up…Other times we simply feel that the time has come for us to change.

If you think you have lost direction, if putting others first has made you forget about yourself, if you need a change of career and don’t even know where to begin, this is the program for you.

We’ll work together to clarify your values, define your priorities and goals and really finding out what is happening inside your mind.

We’ll do it in cycles of four sessions (often a cycle is enough to put you back on track). We’ll work via Skype so you can talk with me from wherever you feel most comfortable.

If you think this is the program for you, drop me a line to arrange a call. This first session is free and without any obligation at all. I just want to understand if this is really the program for you and this extra session will help us organise the following four better.

I’m so looking forward to getting your email.

SHARe iT :)