Discover what the world has to say about you

A sunset, a work of art, a scene on the street … Every image is a mirror upon which our reality and our inner world are reflected. Hence, before the same visual stimuli, every one of us responds differently.

And what if these stimuli were piloted? What if you had in front of you exactly what you need to see to shed light on your inner self?

That’s the aim of this writing course. David Capón (the director of all my videos) has prepared a great library full of videos for the past few months. Tell me what area of your life you would like to look into and we will select the right ones for you.

How it works:

First, I will send you a series of questions so you can tell me what you would like to explore: maybe a specific area of your life, a goal, a feeling that doesn’t quite go away … you might want to remember the past or approach your future in a different way.

Afterwards I will select a series of videos from our archives. Two videos a week during 4 weeks. Watch each video and write your thoughts based on what the images inspire in you. Send it to me and I’ll help you read between the lines.

Let the world teach you what you need to know about yourself. Write to me and we’ll start whenever you like.

The cost of this programme is 80€ and it is available in English, Spanish or Italian.

SHARe iT :)