Here is more information about this program:

During six weeks (you decide when to start) you will make a journey through writing to discover who you are and find your true story.

Through emails, ‘real’ letters and postcards, I will accompany you in this process, teaching you the techniques and tools that are best for you. I will propose some exercises and creative challenges so that, little by little, you shine a light on your path and regain your voice.

We’ll write about your values, your priorities, the events that left a mark on you, the legacy you want to leave, your future goals and your dreams.

Hundreds of people have been through my sessions, all incredibly unalike one another. It doesn’t matter whether you write well (the technique is not important, only the content). There are no rules or obligations (you’ll only share with me what you want and you can use whatever style you prefer). All you need is the urge to get in touch with yourself and to read your true story.

Once you have registered, write to me telling me a bit about yourself and, from there, we’ll begin.

This program is available for a maximum of 10 people at a time so I will close it every now and then.

We can write in English, Spanish or Italian, whatever suits you best.

Questions? I’m here to help.

SHARe iT :)