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My name is Nuria Pérez and I’m a creative coach.

The creativity bit comes from the part of me that is Nuria, the creative director. The one that spent many years in advertising working for clients like Coca Cola, MTV, Fiat, Colgate, Kellogg’s, Nestlé… The one that shot commercials and wrote catchy jingles that you probably still know by heart. The one that spent many sleepless nights thinking about brand strategies and definitely the one who still doesn’t believe her campaigns were awarded at Festivals such as Cannes or New York.

And coach because my other side is the Nuria that got an Executive Coaching Diploma when she realized that her real passion was using this creativity to serve women and help them thrive. The Nuria that left Milan and London

About Sparks & Rockets Nuria Pérez

Combine these two and you’ll have Sparks & Rockets workshops and sessions: creative but thorough, deep yet fun. We will explore and discover who you are (your values, goals, dreams and weaknesses..) and learn valuable tools about raising a family (how to listen to your kids, foster their creativity or help them find their talents… ). Most of the time we’ll do it long distance, each of us lying on the couch, probably wearing PJs, a messy ponytail and drinking a cuppa or a glass of wine. We just won’t care. We’ll be too busy exploring your life.

There are so many things I can’t do. I’m rubbish in the kitchen and a real disaster for all things crafty. I can’t do my girls’ hair and my wardrobe is in permanent chaos. But throughout the years I have listened to so many women like you and I know I can help you. I know how difficult balancing family and work can be. I know what it means to have a dream that scares you. I know how it feels to not even know where to start.

My part of the deal will be to push you, inspire you, challenge your ideas, and help you understand just how wonderful you are. You will have to throw all the excuses out the window and give yourself this opportunity. Without rhetoric or any nonsense: just start now.



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