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Hi! Now that you know a little bit about me let me tell you a bit more about the family time programs.

Kids workshops focus on developing their creative thinking. Super fun sessions where they learn without even knowing it. They explore their capacity to have ideas, discover new possibilities, learn lots about themselves and develop team-working skills.

Parents programs can either be individual or group sessions.

Session groups last around two hours and focus on a particular topic (creative thinking, kids talents, how to communicate with them, how to listen or how to praise…)

Individual sessions vary in time depending on each specific case (from just one Skype session to visiting the family several times over a couple of months).

I don’t have a unique method or a set of tools that I use with every family. Each kid is different and my approach is always individual.

-I believe in active listening, in promoting empathy and celebrating the process instead of the result. I believe in letting them try.

-I believe that every single child is born a creative genius and that they all possess a talent that we need to cultivate.

-I don’t believe in rewards, in charts with golden stars, in naughty corners where spending time thinking is consider a punishment.

-I believe in laughs, in clothes with stains, in daily adventures and in the ever-blessed improvisation.

-I believe free time is the most important extra curricular activity.

-I don’t believe in homework, in fashionable toys or in over stimulation.

-I believe that of all the hours our kids spend at school, where they actually learn the most important abilities is recess.

-I believe that we all make mistakes, that raising a child is the hardest work of all and that there are good days and bad days.

I’d love to spend a bit of time with your child or with you and learn more about your situation.

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