That day you put up a shelf despite not finding the instruction manual anywhere.

That presentation you prepared in one night which change your client’s mind.

The recipe you invented after arriving from the holidays, with the only four things that were left in the fridge.

The alternative route you found to avoid three traffic lights on your way to work.

That time you went to a Tunisian market and you were able to bargain using gestures.

The story you told your son to transform the “the monster in the garage” into his best friend.

When you used an old exhibition catalogue you were carrying in your handbag to level the restaurant table.

Everyone, without exception, is creative. You are too.

You can board the train crowded with people who tell themselves they are not creative and who accept the path appointed to them, or you can take the courage to get off the train, find an empty locomotive and drive it yourself, towards a fantastic unknown destiny.

SHARe iT :)