You can now almost never find those “The client is always right” signs. We used to see them on walls in bars, agencies, laundries and hairdressers. Everyone hanged them because that was an easy-kept promise. Ultimately, a client was never argued with. Businesses were those lifelong ones, and the client went to them without asking for much, fundamentally because they were not acquainted with anything else.

That’s over.

That ignorant client who was obliged to trust you because he didn’t have access to the information you were giving him, has disappeared forever. Internet puts a myriad of options at reach for anyone and overrides the concept of ‘exclusive information’. The result: clients who make claims; demanding clients.

The promise of making sure they are always right is suddenly and forever more complex. Now everything is full of questions, comparisons, ideas. They come in through the door knowing exactly what you can and cannot offer them. And they want it now.

Many choose to move away from those who make demands. That’s easy. Nowadays it’s enough to let a client down once for him to abandon you in search of one among the thousands of options available to him. And keeping challenging clients afar, most believe, is best if you want to avoid complicating your life.

However, demanding clients are precisely those who you mustn’t avoid. If their petition is reasonable, if they are aware of what you do and, above all, if you promised them back in the day that you would give/make/delivery what they requested, then the demanding client will only make you improve, again and again.

Welcome are those who are difficult. Praise to them. Allocate the best place for them and let the mediocre client leave in search of mediocre businesses.

Pass the tests you are submitted to by a demanding client and he will stop being as such. No, he won’t become easier all of a sudden. He will simply take the next step, and become a fan of yours. One of those who constantly talks about you, who becomes a follower and clicks on ‘Like’ a thousand times. A client full of enthusiasm who makes getting up in the morning, putting yourself to the test and improving, all worthwhile.

Hang that sign up again. The fact that a promise becomes more difficult to keep doesn’t give us the right to break it.

SHARe iT :)