In the media, in cafes, on the street… the question people mostly hear is: “When will the recession be over?”

I was thinking today that recessions are like paternity. With children, and even more so when they are babies, every day seems infinite. Never ending hours spent between diapers and baby bottles, the longest colicky cries, the tantrums in restaurants that seem to last for decades or those working days in which amongst schools, paediatric doctors and extracurricular activities there is no time for anything else. Yet suddenly, no one knows exactly how, the baby is graduating from university or is becoming independent.

‘How can my daughter be marrying if I took her pacifier away only yesterday?’ we all ask ourselves; even the great Aaron Sorkin.

Only then, once our children have left, do we realize that if we had had this perspective of the future back in the day, it would have helped us overcome tantrums and sleepless nights with an adequate mentality. The typical saying that grandmothers use to calm mothers, “it’s a phase, it will pass”, is an advice that also works when it comes to living in times of financial crisis.

For if we concentrate on the working day, it will seem endless and too dark to see anything; if instead we consider it as only part of a phase, we will face it with a different spirit and we will be capable of getting up to open a window and let the light through.

I love that motto that says “A crisis is overcome with ideas”. Contrary to what people believe, an idea – that light which fills up what at first was only a void – is not a spontaneous plant. It doesn’t appear anywhere nor does it grow without care. You should prepare the land, fertilize it and wait. And that, farmers know very well, can be (and must be) done during drought periods. Hence, when it finally rains, it has fertile soil and can flourish. People say that 2015 will bring the end of this tremendous recession. It may seem a long time from now but it’s not. Ask any mother and she will tell you that time flies. So start preparing your land. We are going to need thousands of ideas; yours too.

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