A few days ago you trapped an idea. It had been roaming around for some time and finally, after several attempts, it is yours.

You have it stored for now; you placed it inside a jar. You spend hours observing it, fascinated, with your finger glued to the glass. From time to time you take the courage and begin to twist the lid, but as soon as it moves you close it again. It is said that if a good idea bites you it changes you forever, and you don’t want to take that risk.

Some have told you to toss it away: “the world is full of jars, why do we want more?” These people’s houses are bare because they have never found anything to trap.

Others may tell you that you don’t need jars, for that idea is yours and it won’t escape. They don’t know that ideas are wild and they can pose in any home.

Yesterday someone said that your idea was ugly; that you could trap something better. He said this after barely seeing it. He didn’t want your magnifying glass nor did he want to listen. He left without knowing how beautiful your idea looks under certain light or how big it could become with just one other jar.

An expert has called today. He needs your jar; he wants to examine it. But your instinct tells you he won’t get it and he won’t appreciate it either.

Within only a few days you’ve grown fond of your idea and you know that letting it go won’t be easy. It will fly away and land on the hands of others. It may come back, but won’t probably be the same.

Today you will sleep holding your jar tight. Tomorrow is the big day; tomorrow you’ll let it free.

You will watch it as it goes out in the world and you will see the empty jar without really knowing what to make of it. You will have a moment of sadness but it will pass. Because suddenly a new idea, even more beautiful and singular, will pose on your hand and in a split second, your world will stop again.

SHARe iT :)