How much better is it to explore a new city with someone that knows it well? Being able to visit those hidden gems that are normally only known to locals is a completely different experience from wandering around a town with just an average travel guide.

That is exactly what today’s creative adventure is about.


I chose two of the cities where I lived, London and Milan, and filled two index cards with some of my favourite things to do there. Things you don’t normally find in a guide, like trying the sunday roast at Kenwood House in London or visiting the creative space Corso Como 10 in Milan.


Then I went to one of my favourite bookshops in Madrid and hid the cards inside their respective travel guides.


I love to think that whoever buys those guides will have a better and richer experience thanks to this simple project. Who knows, maybe the lucky recipient may write me back and tell me all about their travel experience!


Do you have a favourite city? Then why don’t you try this project? Write four or five of your favourite things and go hide them at your local library or bookshop. Just five minutes of your time that will put a smile on someone’s face.

I hope you’ll try this creative adventure. If you do, don’t forget to tell me how it goes.  Everyday is an adventure, go have one and enjoy!

SHARe iT :)