One of the things I like most is sharing a good read. Great books that stay with me way longer after I’ve finished them are hard to find and when I do I always want somebody else to be able to experience them. This is what today’s creative adventure is about.


But why not give that opportunity to a stranger? Giving a book is one of the kindest random acts you can do. You are not only giving someone a gift. You are giving an experience and an entire new world to explore.


Today I chose the Spanish translation of one of my favourite books, Nicole Krauss´s The History of Love, and went to a local café to find a stranger. My friend Elisa came with me and hid in the street to document the adventure for you all.


Serendipity brought me a really lovely girl who loved this idea of random creative adventures. She was here in Madrid to learn Spanish and therefore she was also really grateful to have a good read to practice her reading skills.


A simple act that put a smile on her face. We actually had a laugh together!


Want to try this creative adventure? Do you already know which book are you going to give? Let me know how it goes!

Ready to have an adventure today? Then go have fun!



SHARe iT :)