New Year's resolutions Sparks & Rockets

For most of us every 1st of January comes with a new list of resolutions: we are going to end that big project, we will definitely lose weight, we’ll go back to the gym…

Unfortunately, by about mid March, that gym bag is already in the bottom of the closet and the project…”what Project?” Latest research suggests that only 8% of people who make resolutions at the start of January actually end up doing them by the end of the year.

So, how can we make those resolutions last longer? Here you have a video with five ideas. If you don’t understand Spanish you can read it below:

-Be more specific: avoid vague statements like “I will eat healthy” and go for a precise, tangible goal instead: “This month I will cut the caffeine”, “I will eat two pieces of fruit everyday”

-Divide the goal into many smaller short-term goals and give yourself rewards along the way: small steps are easier to achieve and, more important, with each success your brain will release a chemical called dopamine. Dopamine is addictive; your brain will push you to re-experience the activity that caused the chemical release in the first place. What’s more, collecting victories will increase your self-esteem and your willpower and believing in yourself will fuel your every action.

-Stop thinking about 365 days. Some researches say that it takes just 21 days of consistently repeating an activity before your mind accepts it as a habit. Others talk about 66 days. 365 really is a big, scary number, so choose a smaller period (a month, two months) and concentrate on that. Who knows, maybe by day 21st you’ll be able to stick with that habit.

-Tell others what you intend to do so you will feel accountable. You will push yourself further if everybody knows your goal. Nobody wants to fail in front of everyone!

-Find the emotion that’s hidden behind your goal and focus on that. How do you want to feel when you achieve that particular goal? Free, Lighter, Strong…Find your magic word and write it everywhere. Let that emotion be the fuel that drives your actions .

What other ideas do you have to make your goals stick? I’d love to read them!

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