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Spring is almost here. Time for new begginings, dining al fresco, fresh new colours… Time for change and, here in Spain, time for storks to come back.

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In ancient Egyptian mythology storks were born out of the heart of Osiris, and they were the guides of the souls. For Native Americans they represent wisdom and determination. Storks are truly fascinating animals and, if you have decided to change something this spring, watching them can help you:

-Enjoy the process, it will improve your result: storks are the Chinese symbol for patience. Most birds put their beaks constantly into the water, sometimes they catch something, most of the times just nothing. Not storks. They stand still, observing carefully their surroundings and enjoying the spring breeze. Only when the time is right…dash!, a tiny movement and dinner is served. We live in a time of immediacy; we all pretend results “right now” and we’ve forgotten how to enjoy the process that takes us to our goals. But if we don’t appreciate each step the road will seem all uphill. Pay attention, the result you are looking for may be hidden in a detail.

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-What works for others may not work for you: Remember the fox and the stork fable? The fox needed the plate, the stork the jar. Stop and think for a moment: why do you want this change? Is it really ideal for you? All the efforts in the world won’t matter if the goal doesn’t move and inspire you. Don’t change only because somebody said so or because “everybody is doing it”.

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-Don’t hide: if you believe that change is necessary let the world hear your voice. Staying among the masses will make you feel protected; birds know it well and hide their nests on the deepest branches. Storks are not afraid: when they arrive to a village they proclaim themselves queens and their nests prevail on the highest points. Be as proud of yourself as they are and stick to your new ideas.

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-Stop resisting change and start embracing it: Storks don’t wait for the environment to change or to improve. When the cold arrives they just open their wings and start looking for a better place. They know it may take long and that it won’t be easy, but they also know that at the end of their journey a new spring, filled with opportunities, will be waiting for them.

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What are you going to change this spring? If you are ready and need some tools, I’d love to help you.

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SHARe iT :)